MY STORYHi! I'm Juhee.

An HR professional, soft skill trainer and a seasoned coach to corporate executives, entrepreneurs, women returners and students moving from campus to corporate. I strive to empower individuals and teams to generate their own solutions by making them introspect, become confident within and let that reflect outside.


My Mission is to facilitate people and enable personal growth by guiding them to the path of sustainable success. To help them make the most of the 3 Cs of life – Choices, Chances and Changes , I’ve built the C-Everything model that enables Confidence, Command, Conviction and Communication to get them to the other side of fear, the fear holding them back. The courage to do so is within them. All we need to do is work together to bring that out.

How I Help

With this model, I provide solutions to enable your growth to live the confident life you deserve. I work with senior corporate executives, their teams, entrepreneurs, women returners and students moving from campus to corporate. My coaching formats include 1-on-1 intensive sessions, team workshops and training programs delivered through
in-person interactions, zoom calls or skype sessions.


The areas I cover

  • Unlocking your confidence to scale greater heights
  • Boosting your communication to connect better with people
  • Sharpening leadership skills to lead your team to sustainable success
  • Generating courage to make the transition you desire
  • Elevating the team behavior to achieve higher results
  • Exploiting your potential to deliver peak performance possible.

On a Personal Note

My friends fondly call me a globetrotter because I’ve had the opportunity to not just travel to various parts of the world but also live in different countries and work with people from varied nationalities. Honestly, this part of my life has really enriched me and helped me understand diverse perspectives, challenges and motivations of different people from different cultures. Add to this, my hobby (that may sound crazy) of just sitting at an airport and observing people for hours. It helps me further to just understand people.

I’ve been a sports enthusiast all my life and still consider sports as the biggest teacher of my life. I’m also trained to teach Ikebana, an art that aims to bring out the inner qualities of a flower and express emotion. I’m so happy to find you here. The fact that you’re reading this, i can see that you feel ready to gain courage and uncover the best in you.